'Detroit In Black and White:' We Weigh in On the Chris Rock Special and Controversial Techno Figure Derrick May

March 11, 2023, 12:46 PM

Chris Rock (Screenshot from Netflix special)

Adolph Mongo, host of the new podcast, "Detroit in Black and White," chats with co-hosts Vanessa Moss and Allan Lengel, and special guests, Michael James and Detroit Land Bank Authority Tammy Daniels.

James is a former reporter for the Detroit News and New York Daily News and the former head writer for the Stephen A. Smith Show on ESPN. He publishes a blog, "The Tribe Sports."

The group weighs in on the Chris Rock Netflix special. James also talks about a book he's working about controversial techno music figure Derrick May and allegations of sexual assault. He also talks about the history of techno music in relation to May.

The video below has been abbreviated because of recording glitches that were experienced on the first day in their new podcast studio. 

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