Thieves Trained in South America Once Again Hitting High-End Homes in Oakland County

April 02, 2024, 11:12 AM

Screenshot from WDIV video

Several months ago, thieves who were trained in Chile, were breaking into homes in northern Oakland County in communities like Bloomfield Hills. The problem eventually waned.

Now, thieves are back at it again, this time ones trained in Colombia, says Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard, according to WDIV's Rod Meloni.

The thieves check into hotels, Airbnbs and apartments and carry backpacks with tools to pull off sophisticated heists. They also carry multiple IDs in case they get caught. 

“We think there were at least three to four incursions of the groups in Oakland County in the last four to five days,” Bouchard said, according to WDIV. 

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